Asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants to the UK may well have been through a great deal of trauma and disruption leading to mental health issues. Accessing Mental Health Services can be complicated due to language barriers, cultural differences, stigma, racism and confusion.

Locally, you can obtain Immigration advice from Brighton Housing Trust Immigration Service .

The Migrant English Project provide English lessons as well as basic advice and have a comprehensive list of services that can support and advise migrants. The project will signpost and refer on as needed.

Asylum Help have a free Own-Language helpline as well as other advice and support services.

The Office of the Immigration Services Commission will advise on finding a suitably qualified Immigration Adviser in your area.

National Mind are continuing to campaign on issues relating to Migration and Mental Health.

Further help

  • For more services providing information and support about immigration, look in our directory
  • If you need advocacy about an issue to do with mental health and immigration, our advocacy team might be able to help.
  • If you need individual advice, contact our advice and information team.