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Overview of Local Service for Adults

Brighton & Hove also has a range of services that will be able to help you depending on the level of help you may be looking for. These range from practical support, counselling services, wellbeing groups to develop resilience and skills through to treatment and specialist mental health services. See our page on Day Services, Wellbeing Groups and Activities. A lot of services are run by voluntary organisations, sometimes in partnership with the NHS. Some services are specifically for those seeking support around mental health issues and others might have mental health as just one of the areas they cover. Most of these do not need a referral from a GP and you can contact them yourselves. Some run on a drop in basis. You might feel that you want more medical help and to be able to access treatment for your mental health. If so, a good place to start is your GP who will have a range of options to help you including referring to counseling or other support, further ideas for self help such as the books on prescription scheme as well as prescribing medication if you both agreed suitable and referring on to other services. Look at our page on GP’s here. We have included the main services below. You can find further information about these and other services on the Sussex Partnership Website. Other pages in this section have information on more specialist services.

Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service

The Wellbeing Service is a primary care mental health service for patients with mild to moderate mental health needs – including depression and anxiety disorders.

The Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service is for people of all ages including children and young people who live in Brighton and Hove or who are registered with a GP here.

What does the service offer?

The service offers therapeutic support for people through offering different types of talking therapies for people who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, general anxiety and worry, panic attacks, social anxiety, traumatic memories and obsessive compulsive disorder.  The support offered includes a range of workshops and courses as well as guided self-help online therapy.  A small amount of 1 to 1  talking therapies (including CBT) is also offered for specific problems.  The service aims to increase Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) as part of a national programme

The service also has a small team of Primary Care Practitioners who provide short term support for people going through a difficult time in their lives.

The service also has an Advice and Information Team (at Mind in Brighton and Hove) providing support and information about the full range of  local mental health and wellbeing support  and activities in the city along with useful self help and wellbeing information.  This part of the service is open to anyone who has a concern about their own mental health or a concern for someone or a family member they care for. It can be accessed via the Wellbeing Service or by calling Mind in Brighton and Hove on 01273 666950.

The service also provides Work and Learning Support to people using the service who are currently working or who are off sick from work who may require advice and information to help manage their mental health issues in the workplace.

Opening times and appointments

Their service is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm for booked appointments only. The service works from a large number of sites right across Brighton & Hove and so can offer a range of options to for you to see someone locally.

How are referrals made?

People can be referred to the Wellbeing Service by their GP but if prefer you can refer yourself by contacting the Wellbeing Service directly or filling in an online form which can be found here along with more information about the service. 

You can also contact the service by calling 0300 002 0060 or email on

SilverCloud – Free Online Supported CBT programmes

Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service are now offering access to SilverCloud. SilverCloud offers secure, immediate access to online supported CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) programmes, tailored to your specific needs. The programmes consist of six to eight modules – which can be completed at your own pace. You work independently, and a supporter will provide online feedback and guidance at regular intervals.

These programmes have demonstrated high improvement rates for depression, anxiety and stress.
Sign up to SilverCloud

Assessment and Treatment Service (ATS)

Within Brighton and Hove the adult community mental health service for adults including those over 65 is provided by the Assessment and Treatment Service (ATS).  The service works with people with more complex mental health needs or those whose mental health is having a significant impact on their daily life. The ATS has been designed around having a citywide adult mental health service that specifically supports people in Brighton and Hove.  The ATS is located across two hub buildings – one the east side of the city and one on the west side.

Who can refer to the Service?

People are generally referred to the service by their GP.  Referrals also come from the Wellbeing Service, social services, local hospitals including emergency departments and other services provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Trust.

What happens when I am referred to the Service?

When a person is referred to the service, they are first assessed by clinicians and therapists from the ATS who develop and agree a treatment plan with the person.

What can I expect from the Service?

The ATS is an integrated mental health service (providing health and social care). The ATS offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a range of mental health conditions. Treatment usually includes a mixture of therapy, medication and support to pick up the pieces of everyday life such as education, employment and leisure activities. All interventions are recorded and agreed on a care plan which is reviewed every 6 months. The ATS is made up of a team of professionals including:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Social Workers
  • Support Time Recovery Workers
  • Employment Specialists

It includes clinicians who were previously working in older peoples services and offers a full range of dementia care, including memory and specialist assessments and safeguarding expertise. Find out more about the different worker roles here.


Crisis Support – Mental Health Rapid Response Service (MHRRS)

The Mental Health Rapid Response Service is a rapid assessment service for patients suffering from mental health problems who are at risk and may not be able to keep themselves safe, or are considering attending A+E for help with their mental health. MHRRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and health professionals, carers or patients can ring for advice. The service assesses patients, and refers them on for further support from other mental health teams where necessary. From 9am-5pm Monday to Friday patients who are already under the care of the Assessment and Treatment Service should ring their care coordinator if they need urgent support.  GP services can also assess people with mental health difficulties, and can refer for further support where it is needed.

Who can refer to the Service?

Community health professionals, Housing Officers, Police and other health care professionals, carers and service users who are under the care of mental health services. The MHRRS accepts telephone referrals on 0300 304 0078 24 hours a day.  MHRRS can offer support and advice where someone is considering attending A&E and offer appointments for the next day Rapid Access Clinics which are held 7 days a week.

What can I expect from the Service?

MHRRS will complete assessments within 4 hours and these usually take place in the community. Rapid Access Clinics are held at either the Hove Polyclinic or the East Brighton ATS hub. The aim of the assessment is to agree a care plan that may include onward referrals to other mental health services, Wellbeing or, with advice to the primary care referrer.


Lighthouse Recovery Support – the Allen Centre

The Lighthouse Recovery Support is a service for people with a personality disorder living in Brighton and Hove. The centre provides a range of therapeutic work and an extensive community programme which includes groups, peer support and learning opportunities. Their workers provide advice and information directly to members of the centre on a range of issues including information and support around practical and social aspects of their lives. These might include housing, accommodation, money, income, debt, health and social care or legal advice. They can also provide information on local community services, support or leisure groups and activities.

Who can refer to the Service?

This service is not an open access centre, and requires a referral from a mental health worker. Referrals are usually made via Care Coordinators within Community Mental Health Teams


Dementia Services

BICS (Brighton Integrated Care Services) and The Alzheimers Society provide a Memory Assessment Service offering memory testing and diagnosis as well as advice, care and support for people with dementia and their carers. Referrals are usually made by your GP.

Also see our section on additional Services for Older People


Need more advice?

If you would like more advice and information relating to mental health and/or local services, please contact our Advice and Information Service:
Telephone: 01273 66 69 50