Caring for a Young Person

Caring for a young person who is experiencing mental health problems can at times be very difficult. We are often contacted by the parents or guardians of young people that are looking for more advice and information on how best to cope, and how to get the child that they care for the support that they need.

We have created this section because we understand that caring for a young person presents unique difficulties for carers, and that there are differences between adult services and Younger Persons Mental Health Services, which may be confusing to understand.


Mental Health Services for Young People and Children

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (Sometimes refered to as “Tier 3”)

In Brighton and Hove, there are different mental health services for children and adolescent than for adults. The primary NHS service for young people is called CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), which is a mental health service for young people in Brighton and Hove with various mental health issues and varying degrees of severity. The Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and the Community CAMHS team work closely together to support children and young people with emotional and mental health needs. In Brighton & Hove there is one point of referral which covers both teams. When a referral is received, they decide which service would be the most appropriate using the information given to them on the referral form.

Provisions and services delivered by CAMHS also vary. It could include individual, group, and/or family work. Workers come from various backgrounds and have a wide range knowledge. May also involve signposting or referral to other services.

For more information about the service, how to make a referral, and guidance please visit their website.

Community CAMHS Consulation Service (Sometimes refered to as “Tier 2”)

The Community CAMHS team offers a consultation service to parents, carers and professionals. This is where there is an opportunity to discuss your concerns about a young person’s emotional wellbeing or mental health before a referral is made. Experience shows that an early consultation can often address concerns and save the need for a referral. If we are not the right service they are normally able to signpost you to a more appropriate service.

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Useful Organisations and Non-NHS Services


The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove

For more information and services relating to being a carer, we recommend that you contact The Carers Centre for Brighton and Hove on 01273 746222 or email

The Carers Centre in Brighton and Hove


Amaze is a local charity that offers a range of support services  to parents of children with disabilities in Brighton & Hove, including mental health. For more information about their services and how they can help, please have a look on their website.

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Youngminds is a national organisation specialising in support for your people’s mental health, offering advise for both young people and their parents/guardians.

They run a parental helpline for parents or guardians who are concerned about a young persons mental health: 0808 802 5544. Their website also hosts a wealth of information and resources that you may find useful.

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Information for Parents/Guardians

Gaining insight about a child in your care’s mental health difficulties, knowing how to talk with them about mental health and how to best provide the support that they need are concerns that carers often have. Below are a few useful resources that offer a starting-point for you.

Information Leaflets

A support Guide for parents and Carers in Brighton & Hove thumb

A Support Guide For Parents and Carers in Brighton & Hove

This booklet is for you if you are concerned about a young person’s mental and emotional wellbeing, offering practical tips about how to talk about mental health and support that’s avaliable in Brighton and Hove

Understanding mental health problems

This booklet is an introduction to the most common mental health problems, explaining what they are, their possible causes and what help is available. It is written for people who have a mental health problem, and their friends and family

Talking to Teenage about depressionTalking to your teenager about his or her depression

This factsheet offers some useful advice for parents about how to talk with their teenager about the depression.

Are you worried about someone's mental health-

Are you worried about someone’s mental health?

This factsheet will try to help if you are concerned that a loved one, friend or relative that may need professional help for their mental health.

Voices and Visions- A guide for parents thumb

Voices and Visions – A guide to coping & Recovery

This guide is for parents, carers and family members of young people who hear voices or see visions.

Online Resources

Looking after yourself

Caring for a child / young person who has mental health problems can be tiring and difficult at times, and can have an impact on your own mental wellbeing.
Please see our section on “Looking After Your Mental Health” for some tips and advice on how to keep yourself mentally healthy, and Support for you, as a Carer” for advice on support for you in your caring role.

Need more advice?

If you would like more advice and information relating to mental health and/or your caring role, please contact our Advice and Information Service:
Telephone: 01273 66 69 50