Black, Asian Minority Ethnic

  • Refugee Radio

    Refugee Radio is a charity that was formed by refugee and human rights workers in 2008. They are run by a board of Trustees, including refugees and broadcasters who support refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants. They run community projects supporting people experiencing mental health issues, isolation and social exclusion; using radio and music to give a voice to those who do not have one.

    Working with refugees, asylum seekers and other vulnerable migrants Refugee Radio provide practical support and advice as well as cultural activities in order to help individuals and promote social change.

    By using radio and the media to raise awareness of their situation, Refugee Radio provide an opportunity for refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants to share their experiences in a range of projects, enabling their voices to be heard and to campaign for human rights. See their website for more information on projects as well as access to podcasts and documentaries.

    They provide a weekly Resilience Support Group which provides support with issues including stress, depression, PTSD and Anxiety; and also a casework service that provides advice and support with health, housing, benefits, work and education.

    Support group Flyer

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  • Bereavement Trust

    The Bereavement Trust is a UK helpline offering emotional support and practical advice following a bereavement.

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  • Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership

    BME offers a wide range of services for Black and Minority Ethnic groups. Current projects and services include:

    Elders Activities

    This is a project for Elders 50+ who often find themselves isolated . The group aims to give these elders the opportunity to meet regularly with other elders in a safe and welcoming environment. Activities include:

    • Luncheon Club
    • Exercise Classes
    • Games
    • Outings to local places of interest
    • Annual celebratory Events

    They are also able to sign post you on to appropriate services and offer information on these other services.

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    This project is aimed to help refugees and Asylum seekers to provide them with improved access to services.

    More information about the project can be found here

    Diverse Community Groups

    BMECP works with diverse BME community groups supporting them in various ways including the following:

    • Assisting with identification of needs
    • Assisting with identification of appropriate funding
    • Supporting groups to write funding bids
    • Supporting groups in managing their funds
    • Supporting groups to prepare reports for funders
    • Providing appropriate training e.g. fundraising, governance, food and hygiene etc…

    BMECP also signposts groups to other local training and services.

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    Representing BME Issues

    BMECP represents the interests of BME communities and groups at various local, regional and national forums and consultations.

    BMECP is keen to ensure that BME issues are represented at every level. It is envisaged that key individuals from community groups are trained to represent their communities on various local initiatives and information will be sent out later in the year.

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  • BMH UK

    Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) is an online publisher established to raise awareness and address the stigma associated with mental illness.

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  • Brighton and Hove Black Women’s Group

    Works to meet the needs of Black women, their families and communities by promoting anti-discriminatory practice; providing advice and advocacy; capacity building Black organisations and staging cultural activities such as Black History Season.

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  • Brighton and Hove Chinese Society

    Aims to serve Chinese people and to preserve and promote Chinese culture by arranging cultural events and workshops. Enhancing Chinese Community’s relationship with other like groups

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  • Brighton and Hove Jewish Community Foundation

    Manage the Jewish Community Centre and run the Jewish Day Centre, for senior citizens.

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  • Brighton and Hove Muslim Forum

    Aims to serve the religious, social and cultural needs of the Brighton and Hove Muslim Community.

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  • Brighton and Hove Muslim Women’s Group

    Help develop Muslim women’s knowledge and confidence and encourage networking between them, Regular and flexible “meet and learn” circles, Regular social gatherings (coffee mornings, mothers and toddlers, religious celebrations, picnics, excursions,etc.), Newsletter, Signposting, Support for new Muslims, Agency reporting racist and Islamophobic incidents, Qur’aan reading lessons

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  • Chinese Mental Health Association (CMHA)

    CMHA provide a range of services with the aim of serving Chinese people who suffer from mental health related issues. Also provides support for their carers whom may not be familiar with all the nuances of traditional Chinese culture.

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