• Alzheimer’s Society

    Activites, support and information for those affected by Dementia and their carers.

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  • Amaze

    Amaze offers information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities in Brighton and Hove. Services include a telephone helpline, help with DLA (PIP) forms, workshops and support groups. Please see website for further services offered.

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  • Anxiety Alliance

    Anxiety Alliance offers support to those who experience anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, together with those who wish to withdraw from tranquilizers and antidepressants. Help and support also offered to carers, family and friends.

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    Assert provides services for people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and High Functioning Autism (HFA). They offer one to one support, benefits advice and support, a monthly drop in for people with AS/HFA, monthly mutual support group for parents, partners and carers of people with AS/HFA, one to one support for parents, partners and carers of people with AS/HFA, social events and social inclusion activities for people with AS/HFA, Resource Library, and liaison with statutory services on behalf of individuals. They also offer support for people with AS/HFA in accessing volunteering opportunities with other charities and community groups, two Life Skills courses which run for 6 months each, with additional one to one support and a monthly walking group.

    Assert can also provide information and advice to services and organisations that work with people with AS and HFA, and can provide training to other professionals wanting to increase their knowledge of working with people with AS and HFA.


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  • Breakaway Group for Ex-Carers

    Group for bereaved carers to socialise with each other. Meets second Tuesday of each month (10.30am-midday) at Vanilla Pod – the entrance to which can be found on Western Road in Hove (opposite Graze Restaurant).

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  • Brighton and Hove Crossroads

    Brighton and Hove Crossroads Care can support you by taking over your caring role including a few hours respite each week or overnight stays, giving you the chance to have a much needed break.

    In addition Crossroads also provide cover to allow carers to attend Healthcare Appointments such as GP, Hospital, Optician, Chiropody etc., these visits are free of charge’

    Brighton and Hove Crossroads work with both children and adults with most disabilities. Visits can be weekdays, weekends or evenings – always aiming to meet your needs.

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  • Carers UK

    Carers UK is a national charity which provides information, support and advice for carers on a number of subjects, including:

    • benefits and tax credits
    • carers employment rights
    • carers’ assessments
    • the services available for carers
    • how to complain effectively and challenge decisions

    There is information on their website, and you can contact them by phone or e-mail for advice and information, or call their listening service on Mondays and Tuesdays to talk about how your caring situation is making you feel. They also have an online forum for carers to support each other.

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  • Carers’ Centre for Brighton and Hove

    Supporting and providing information to unpaid carers in the city of all ages, who look after someone because of ill health, disability, substance misuse or old age.

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  • Changes Ahead – Mental Health Carer’s Action and Support Group

    Changes Ahead is an organisation funded by Brighton and Hove council that supports carers of those with mental health issues. This service offers both individual and/or group support including, practical advice, social events and an advocacy service.

    Changes Ahead offers the following:

    •  1-1 support to carers to mutually formulate a plan of action to help them deal with their present circumstances and move forward.
    • Action Group – discussing/confronting issues that affect carers directly –
      Taking issue with services/applauding good practice.
    • Social Group – to network and meet informally.
    • Training events.
    • Drop in/Information/Library.
    • Newsletter/Table of events
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  • Creative Future

    Creative Future aims to inspire aspiration and artistic excellence amongst marginalised artists and writers. They aim to increase their confidence, enabling them to re-engage in the community by offering publishing and exhibiting opportunities to ‘get their work out there’; challenging their own and other people’s perception of their potential. They are a bridge from the margins to the mainstream.

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