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  • Parents Unlimited

    Parents Unlimited is a social group that recognises the challenges and triumphs in life that being a parent with disabilities, long-term health conditions or impairments can sometimes bring.

    The group is run by and for parents with disabilities. It does not offer any counselling, professional advice or childcare.

    They host a Facebook group ‘Parents Unlimited – Brighton & Hove Disabled Parents’ (please use the link provided by the Facebook icon below) and are currently in the process of establishing monthly meet-ups in the Brighton & Hove area, to which disabled parents are welcome to bring their children along, as well as partners or PAs.

    For more information please follow the link to the website below.

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  • Amazing Futures

    Amazing Futures is a project for 14-25 year olds with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in Brighton and Hove, run by Amaze.

    The project runs a mixed gender peer support group, and a group just for girls and young women. They also offer one-to-one peer support, through their Peer Support volunteers. These services are for any 14-25 year olds with SEND in Brighton and Hove.

    They also run a self-advocacy group for 16-25 year olds with learning disabilities, in partnership with Brighton and Hove SpeakOut.

    The project will also offer accessible information to young people through their website, and a series of workshops.

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  • Facing the Future

    Facing the Future is a service provided in partnership by Samaritans and Cruse Bereavement Care, set up to provide support for those bereaved by suicide.

    The service offers FREE six weekly peer-to-peer support groups of a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 8 people. Each support group runs once a week over six consecutive weeks and lasts for 90 minutes and is run by two trained volunteer facilitators from Samaritans and Cruse Bereavement Care. The groups offer the opportunity for individuals bereaved by suicide to share their experiences with others in a safe, confidential and supportive space.

    To be eligible to participate in one of the groups you must be over 18 and have lost someone to suicide over three months ago. It is suggested that you join a group where you can attend at least five of the six sessions to help you get the most out of the experience. Current locations, and start-dates can be found on Facing the Future’s website (see below).

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  • Safety Net

    Safety Net is a children’s safety charity based in Brighton which works across the South East. Established in 1995 by local residents and workers, the organisation has sought to deliver projects to support children, young people and their families to feel safer at home, school and in their neighbourhoods.

    The service has now expanded to run the following range of projects:

    • safety awareness education programmes for all children including bullying prevention, personal safety and online safety
    • individual and group work support for vulnerable children, young people and their families
    • practical support for families including parenting workshops, outings, activities and a home safety equipment scheme
    • safeguarding support for community groups
    •  a wide range of training courses and workshops for individuals and organisations
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  • Family Support Service

    The Family Support Service is run by the City Centre Partnership for Education, a group which includes the following member schools:

    Member Schools
    • Carlton Hill Primary School
    • Elm Gove Primary School
    • Fairlight Primary and Nursery School
    • Middle Street Primary and Nursery School
    • St. Mark’s Primary and Nursery School
    • St. Paul’s Primary and Nursery School
    • St. Mary Magdalen’s Primary and Nursery School
    • St. Bartholomew’s Primary School
    • Tanerland Nursery
    • Patcham Infant and Nursery School
    • Patcham Junior School
    • Hertford Infant and Nursery School
    • The Royal Spa Nursery School

    The service aims to provide support and information to families with primary and nursery aged children on a range of issues, including; strategies to deal with challenging behaviour; health & development concerns; bereavement and family separation; children’s self-esteem; support in accessing local services and resources.

    For a downloadable pdf of the Family Support Service brochure, please use the button below.

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  • My Life Brighton & Hove Online Directory

    Supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton and Hove Clinical commissioning Group, My Life is an online directory listing local Brighton and Hove as well as national organisations and services to support everyday living.

    The directory separates out services into easily navigable categories, helping you find the right organisation for your specific needs.

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  • Parents and Carers Group (Formerly Sara’s Group) – Allsorts youth project

    Run by Allsorts youth project, the Parents and Carers Group (formerly known as Sara’s Group) is provided as a welcoming space for parents and carers of children or young people that are trans or gender questioning.

    The group offers the opportunity to meet with other parent/carers with similar experiences.

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  • Adfam

    Adfam is the leading national organisation working with and for families affected by drugs and alcohol.

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  • Afasic

    Afasic supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN)

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  • Al-Anon Family Groups

    Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not. Al-Anon hold regular meetings where members share their own experience of living with alcoholism.

    Al-Anon does not offer advice or counselling, and has no religious or other affiliations. There are meetings on most days in Brighton and Hove at varying times of the day and evening; see website or call for details.

    A new meeting is opening in Kemp Town, on a Monday evening, from the 26th November.

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