Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender

  • Mindline Trans+

    Mindline Trans+ is a confidential emotional, mental health support line for people who identify as Trans, Agender, Gender fluid, Non-binary, and are also here to support family members and friends and to provide signposting to other services and resources.

    The MindLine Trans+ provides a safe place to talk about your feelings confidentially. They don’t record calls nor ask for any personal details. Their listeners will try understand the multitude of feelings and concerns that may be going on for you. They are here to listen and offer our support.

    MindLine Trans+ is a national service open to callers nationwide.

    Please feel free to download and share the MindLine Trans+ Flyer or visit their Facebook and Twitter pages for service updates.

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  • Survivors’ Network

    Survivors’ Network runs various projects for survivors of sexual violence and abuse, some of which are for self-identifying women only; helpline, groupwork and a drop-in for girls and women aged 16+ years old.

    They offer a range of support in Brighton and Hove, supporting individuals who have experienced rape or sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, ritual/organized abuse, unwanted sexual experiences.

    Please note that some of their services are available for people of other genders – counselling open to young people (16-18 years old) and advocacy for people of all ages and genders.

    Counselling costs:
    Clients are requested to donate whatever they can afford. If you can’t afford anything then discuss this with the service and you may still be able to access counselling. Free to those under 18.

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  • LGBTQ Disability Project (Brighton & Hove Switchboard)

    Brighton & Hove Switchboard has a new group for LGBTQ disabled people who live in and around the city of Brighton and Hove. This group provides an opportunity for meet-ups, discussion, social events, volunteering, raising awareness both in LGBTQ scenes/services and in ‘mainstream’ services and MORE.

    For more information please contact Sarah-Kye by email (email address provided below).

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  • My Life Brighton & Hove Online Directory

    Supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton and Hove Clinical commissioning Group, My Life is an online directory listing local Brighton and Hove as well as national organisations and services to support everyday living.

    The directory separates out services into easily navigable categories, helping you find the right organisation for your specific needs.

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  • Parents and Carers Group (Formerly Sara’s Group) – Allsorts youth project

    Run by Allsorts youth project, the Parents and Carers Group (formerly known as Sara’s Group) is provided as a welcoming space for parents and carers of children or young people that are trans or gender questioning.

    The group offers the opportunity to meet with other parent/carers with similar experiences.

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  • Allsorts Youth Project

    Allsorts is a project based in Brighton to support and empower young people under 26 who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or unsure (LGBTU) of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. They raise awareness, promote inclusion and help to facilitate safer and more supportive environments for LGBTU children through campaigning group work, training, workshops and the provision of resources.


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  • Beaumont Society

    We are the largest and longest established transgender support group in the UK, and have developed a support network which has been at the forefront of the transgender, transvestite, transsexual and cross-dressing community since 1966!

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  • BLAGSS- Brighton Lesbian and Gay Sports Society

    BLAGSS is a sports and social group that now has around 500 lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender members from across Brighton and Hove, Sussex and beyond.


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  • Brighton Bothways

    The Brighton Bothways Community Group is a group established to provide a safe and supportive environment for people to explore issues surrounding their bisexuality and to be affirmed in their journey. It aims to do this through providing social, cultural and creative activities. Membership is open to anyone who is exploring their bisexuality or supportive of those who are.

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  • Clare Project

    The Clare Project aims to provide a safe and confidential place for people to explore issues surrounding their Gender identity. Offers a weekly drop in.

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