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  • My Life Brighton & Hove Online Directory

    Supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Brighton and Hove Clinical commissioning Group, My Life is an online directory listing local Brighton and Hove as well as national organisations and services to support everyday living.

    The directory separates out services into easily navigable categories, helping you find the right organisation for your specific needs.

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  • Age UK (Brighton, Hove, Portslade) – Counselling

    Age UK Brighton & Hove offer a wide range of services for older people that cover the area of Brighton and Hove. These may include information and advice, a crisis service, Horizons (providing practical support to older people following discharge from hospital, or to prevent admission to hospital), nail cutting, advocacy, help at home, counselling, computer drop-in, and various group activities.

    Age UK requests donations in the region of £10-£25 for counselling sessions, but if you can’t afford that then you can discuss this with the service and arrange to pay what you can afford.

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  • Books on Prescription

    Brighton & Hove Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme is designed to support people with mild to moderate mental health conditions. A core list of self-help books have been tested and recommended by organisations such as the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Royal College of GPs and are available to borrow from local libraries.

    To view the list of books available, please follow this link. For more information about the Books on Prescription service please see their information page on the Brighton and Hove council website, available below.

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  • Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Service

    Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Service can provide access to talking therapies, a guided self-help service, and a community support service, which can offer talking therapies and courses to promote wellbeing. This is an NHS service, and is free of charge.

    Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service also offers SilverCloud – free online supported CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), tailored to your specific needs. These programmes have demonstrated high improvement rates for depression, anxiety and stress.

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  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Self-Help Resources

    This website offers CBT self-help information and resources including worksheets & handouts.

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  • Coming Off Psychiatric Medication

    Website that aims to give up to date information about psychiatric medication, how it functions and the withdrawal process.

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  • Expert Patients Programme

    Sussex Community Foundation Trust EPP offers free self-management courses for people living with any long-term health condition. They are designed to help you to take more control of your health by learning new skills and techniques to provide tools and techniques to help you manage your condition better. The courses are aimed at a wide range of people, reflecting diversity in terms of different health conditions and age groups.



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  • Gardening for Health and Wellbeing – B&H Food Partnership

    This project offers individuals of all ages and levels of fitness, complete beginners or experienced growers, the opportunity to get outdoors in a number of community gardens across Brighton & Hove to engage in a wide range of activities based around gardening. Under the supervision of experienced gardeners, you will engage in activities such as planting and seed sowing, harvesting produce, clearing ground in preparation for food growing and general site maintenance.
    People often say that gardening and getting outdoors has improved their mental wellbeing and stress levels. Some say it has helped them to lose weight or exercise more. Those involved with the community gardens often enjoy the chance to meet new people and gain skills, or even try new foods. B&H Food Partnership give advice to people that want to try gardening as they are keen to help more people to benefit.

    Extra support
    Some specialist gardens offer more tailored services – such as support for people with additional needs or therapeutic activities for those with mental health issues. Their new ‘Sharing the Harvest’ project can offer extra support to people with learning disabilities or those with experience of homelessness, mental health issues, abuse and addiction to get involved at community gardens.

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  • Horizons

    The Horizons Service aims to help older people rebuild confidence and retain independent living following admission to hospital or in order to prevent admission to hospital. Volunteers visit people in their own homes on a weekly basis, usually for a period of up to 6 weeks to help people work towards self selected goals. Goals typically include improving outdoor mobility, regaining confidence using public transport, doing own shopping and banking and resuming social activities in the community.

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  • LifeSIGNS (Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support)

    LifeSIGNS (Self-Injury Guidance & Network Support) is an online, user-led voluntary organisation, founded in 2002 to create understanding about self-injury and provide information and support to people of all ages affected by self-injury. They recognise self-injury and self-harm as a way of coping with distressing experiences and difficult emotions, and they encourage people to reflect on the issues behind their self-injury, and to develop and explore alternative coping mechanisms.

    Their website hosts a wealth of information about Self-Injury, including:

    • Detailed information about self-injury
    • Fact Sheets
    • Guidance for others (carers, friends and family)
    • Guidance for how to talk about self-injury
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