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  • Association For Post-Natal Illness

    Post-natal illness, or post-natal depression, is depression experienced after childbirth – around 10% of people who give birth experience this. The Association for Post-Natal Illness provides a telephone helpline and information leaflets for people who may be experiencing this, as well as for healthcare professionals. It aims to provide support to people experiencing post-natal illness, increase public awareness of the illness and to encourage research into its cause and nature.

    There is a contact form on the website.

    If you are outside of the UK – you can contact Postpartum Support International (PSI) on the following website: Otherwise see website below.

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  • BHT Mental Health & Wellbeing Service

    BHT’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Service aims to assist people to improve and maintain their mental health and wellbeing. Their services include one to one sessions and wellbeing groups with trained counsellors, peer support groups, life-skills workshops, one to one casework and a drop in. Women only sessions are also provided by Threshold Counselling on Mondays and Tuesdays.  BHT services are free of charge. Clients are usually offered up to 8 counselling sessions.
    Threshold Service Leaflet

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  • BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service)

    If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy BPAS may be able to offer counselling to talk things through and discuss the options available to you. Their website states that they can help you explore all of your options and are not limited to just providing abortion counselling, or termination of pregnancy counselling. BPAS also offer counselling to people who feel they would benefit from talking to a counsellor at any time after an abortion. These services are free to BPAS clients. BPAS may also be able to perform an abortion if you choose this option and it is appropriate to you. You can find out more about their services here.

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  • Brighton and Hove Black Women’s Group

    Works to meet the needs of Black women, their families and communities by promoting anti-discriminatory practice; providing advice and advocacy; capacity building Black organisations and staging cultural activities such as Black History Season.

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  • Brighton and Hove Muslim Women’s Group

    Help develop Muslim women’s knowledge and confidence and encourage networking between them, Regular and flexible “meet and learn” circles, Regular social gatherings (coffee mornings, mothers and toddlers, religious celebrations, picnics, excursions,etc.), Newsletter, Signposting, Support for new Muslims, Agency reporting racist and Islamophobic incidents, Qur’aan reading lessons

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  • Gateway – A centre for Women

    Gateway Women’s centre at Off The Fence is a service for women experiencing periods of difficulty, abuse, isolation and loneliness.

    The Centre offers services that include a warm and caring drop in centre where the women can talk confidentially to trained staff, they come and learn new skills in various workshops and also receive help and support in both practical and emotional areas of their lives.

    Gateway aims to:

    • Offer a safe environment
    • offer emotional support
    • Listen and not judge
    • enable change
    • Be client led, without an agenda
    • Provide relevant support for each individual

    They offer:

    • Drop in service
    • Workshops
    • Befriending

    I have been unable to get out for a while, Project Gateway have offered me a life-line. They come and visit and take me out every couple of weeks – helps me feel part of the world again.

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  • HOPE

    Help, Open, Protect & Empower (HOPE) BME Women and Girls

    HOPE is a multi-lingual group of Black and Minority Ethnic women who are trained to raise awareness of domestic violence and abuse among women in BME communities across Sussex. They offer facilitated sessions to community groups.

    • Help raise awareness and educate BME women/girls.
    • Open to promoting joint approaches to the issues of violence against women and girls and help in the formulation of interagency responses to the various forms of abuse and violence.
    • Protect BME women and girls who are victims/survivors of violence against women and girls by providing help, advice, support and information on national and local available services with the aim of breaking the barriers which result in BME women being excluded.
    • Empower BME women and girls who have been affected by violence and abuse by providing capacity building, training and development which will enable them to become more than just survivors.

    Drop-in service
    A weekly Drop-in service takes place every Monday of the week except bank holidays, from 12-2pm at the BMECP Centre, 10a Fleet Street, Brighton BN2 9YN.
    The Drop-in is a safe, welcoming and informal space for women and girls above the age of 16 years who can have access to support, information, draw on strength and share knowledge with other women. Tea, coffee and biscuits are also provided

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  • Mothers Uncovered

    A safe space to explore feelings about motherhood openly and honestly, without judgement. They run a range of groups and events and performances. The 5 week courses consist of structured sessions with the same group (max 9 people) to facilitate in-depth conversation. They incorporate art, drama or mindfulness exercises and are all facilitated by past participants. Some courses are specifically for first-time mothers whilst others are tailored to suit different stages of motherhood. Courses are free or low cost (bursaries available).

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  • National Association of Premenstrual Syndrome

    Immediate advice and support for patients affected by menstrual health issues. As an additional support service NAPS offers an ‘ask the expert’ facility on their website.

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  • OASIS Project

    Brighton Oasis Project offers a women only outreach service that offers advice and support through various services.

    They run the Young Oasis Centre, for families, children and young people affected by alcohol or drug problems in their family. The centre offers a crèche, individual therapy, specialist support groups and art groups. Their therapy service for children affected by a family member’s substance misuse may offer up to 16 sessions of individual therapy free of charge for those who meet criteria.

    Young Oasis has a Young Women’s Therapy service for women aged between 18-25 years old who have experienced disadvantage in their early life.

    Oasis also runs the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project, which describes itself as a discreet, confidential and non-judgemental service for women working in the sex industry, offering advice, information and support, including 6 sessions of 1 on 1 support for women who are in need of support around multiple issues.


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