Advocacy Awareness Week 26th to 30th October 2020 – Empowering

This year is the third annual Advocacy Awareness Week and more than ever it seems fitting to be spending a dedicated week focusing on raising awareness of the power and impact of independent Advocacy. This week gives us the opportunity to explore and celebrate what advocacy really does and what makes it special.

In the context of a global pandemic, access to independent Advocacy has possibly never been as important and the role of Advocacy in supporting people to have their voices heard, in addressing inequalities and in upholding rights has in many instances been vital. #AAW20 is a fantastic opportunity to share our stories of success.

Since 1971 Mind in Brighton & Hove has offered a range of Advocacy services to people across the city and also throughout West Sussex. To celebrate Advocacy Awareness Week 2020 we will be engaging with our clients and partners via twitter and sharing a range of new materials, including a series of “Spotlight” documents. Each of which will tell you a little more about the different elements of our approach to Advocacy.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with excellent quality service using the Advocacy Charter as our guiding principles. Each “Spotlight” document will focus on one of the elements of the Advocacy Charter, they will explain what it means, describe how they make Advocacy special and also give an example of how this area makes a real difference to our clients. What is really exciting about these “Spotlights” is that they are each written by a different Advocate and really celebrates what they love about their role and the real difference they are making to their clients life.

Our Spotlight today is on the Empowering principle of the advocacy charter and can be found here.

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