Coronavirus: Weekly Wellbeing Information & Tips Edition 7

After lots of really positive feedback on our 5 Ways to Wellbeing Information & Tip sheets, we’ve decided to continue providing these on a different wellbeing related topic every fortnight. This week we have put together some information and tips on Ecotherapy/nature based activities, following on from some of our activities in Mental Health Awareness Week which included giving out free plants to local people, donated by Plumpton college.

Please see this week’s Wellbeing Information & Tip sheet on Ecotherapy here.  This edition is all about nature based activities and includes a range of local and national initiatives, activities and simple ideas to help you to maintain and improve your wellbeing during this challenging time. We recognise that since the latest government guidance, restrictions have changed slightly and that some of us are able to spend more time outside, by ourselves or with others providing it is at a safe distance. However, we also recognise that for a variety of reasons, this does not necessarily apply to all, so we have tried to include tips for engaging with nature which include staying at home/indoors.

We hope you find one or two new ideas for how to feel more connected with nature, that improve and help you to maintain your wellbeing this week.

We would love to hear what’s worked for you. Please e-mail us at to share with us your tips. If you are happy for us to share these tips anonymously via our website and social media, please let us know in the e-mail.

Please go to this web page for other editions.

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