Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2017 – 27th February to 5th March

Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a national event week that aims to raise awareness and understanding of eating disorders; challenging misconceptions and highlighting services that are available both for those with eating disorders as well as family, carers and friends.

As the week approaches we thought we would take the opportunity to provide information about some of the services and resources on offer, both locally and nationally to those seeking help and support.

Local NHS Services

BHEDs (The Brighton and Hove Eating Disorder Service) is a multi-disciplinary team that provides a program of group therapy for adults diagnosed with mild-moderate eating disorders and individual treatment  for those with riskier eating disorders.

The Pan-Sussex Children and Young People and Family Eating Disorder Service supports young people aged between 10-18 who live or are registered to a GP in Sussex. The team works with young people and their families, putting together treatment plans that consider individual circumstances and needs in order help those with eating disorders get back on track.

Speaking with your GP is often the first step in recovery. They will be able to refer you on to services such as those mentioned above, as well as offering individual help and advice.

Local Peer Support Groups

Within Brighton & Hove there are some fantastic peer support groups that provide an informed and welcoming environment where sufferers and others affected can share and discuss their experiences. These monthly group sessions provide spaces for sufferers to both offer and receive peer support; information and advice on eating disorders and their symptoms; as well as gateways to further support (counselling, support groups and other therapies).

The Brighton and Hove Eating Disorders Peer Support Service (branded as BHEDs Peer to Peer) is a partnership including Men Get Eating Disorders Too, As You Are, The Carers’ Centre for Brighton and Hove and the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust which provide peer support groups for those with eating disorders, their families and carers. More information on BHEDs Peer to Peer can be found on the following website.

To discover more about some of these local groups please use the links provided below.

NHS Self Help Booklets and Factsheets

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust have produced a range of informative self-help leaflets on a wide-variety of topics including eating disorders. Have a look on their website for a concise guide to eating disorders.

NHS Choices also provide useful information and factsheets on food, diet and healthy eating.

Online Support

Beat is a leading UK eating disorder charity that is spearheading Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which this year will be focused on the theme of ‘early intervention’. They will  be running nationwide activities and fund-raising events during the week to raise awareness. Beat also provide both adult and youth helplines, online support and a network of UK-wide self-help groups to help adults and young people in the UK beat their eating disorders. Information on local support groups can be found via their website.


More Information on Eating Disorders

Are you worried about an eating problem? For more information on eating disorders and how to seek support and advice please use the following link to download the Mind ‘Understanding Eating Problems’ booklet.

Understanding Eating Problems Booklet


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