Looking for Help to Stop Smoking ?

Did you know that there is a range of support available in the city for people who want to stop smoking? Brighton and Hove Council offer a range of ‘e-cig friendly’ stop smoking services which can provide behavioural support along with stop smoking medications for the cost of a prescription or free if exempt from prescription changes.  The services also provide support and licensed medications alongside use of your own e-cigarette should you chose this route.

Although the physical benefits of stopping smoking are clear, kicking the habit can also help to improve your mental health. Despite a common belief that smoking can help to reduce symptoms of mental health issues and improve your mood, smokers are more likely to develop depression or anxiety disorders over time than non-smokers. Giving up smoking can ultimately lead to a better overall mood due to no longer experiencing the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

If you are looking for information on the different types of support available  please click on the various links below to find out if there is something to suit you.

Along with the local services mentioned above, the NHS also offers online advice and information for those who want to stop smoking.

NHS Choices has an extensive smoking related section of their website that offers articles and advice to help you with quitting.

NHS Smokefree is a dedicated campaign provided by Public Health England for those wanting to stop smoking. Their website contains handy advice, first-hand accounts of people who have successfully stopped, interactive support and information on services local to you.

For more information…

If you are interested in finding out more about the links between smoking and mental health, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) have provided a factsheet highlighting  research into the subject. The Mental Health Foundation also has some interesting information on the relationship between smoking and different mental health issues.

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