New Apps and Online Resources Pages

As well as updating our ‘Apps for Wellbeing and Mental Health’ page, we have also brought together some existing online self-help programmes, resources and websites that you can use to help support you in maintaining your mental wellbeing.

In addition to the existing page including wellbeing apps, we have also created an additional page with a selection of online resources. The new page contains links to websites that include; self-help programmes, audio guides, podcasts, blogs, mood diaries, helpful tips and suggestions of activities to do. To visit the pages please use the links below.

Further information…

The resources on both pages are suggestions and are not recommendations of individual sites or apps. It is also important to note that whilst online resources can be helpful tools in supporting your mental health, they are not a replacement for seeking medical advice if you have concerns about any symptoms you are experiencing. Also remember to always stay safe online.

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