Terence Higgins Trust Drug & Alcohol Campaign-Brighton & Hove

Terrence Higgins Trust has launched a brand new campaign offering advice, information and support to gay and bisexual men in Brighton and Hove who may be worried about their relationship with sex, drugs and alcohol.

The campaign has been set up to draw attention to the high rates of STIs and HIV within the Brighton & Hove area, as well as focussing upon the impaired judgement, decisions and choices made when sex is mixed with drug use and alcohol. Throughout the period of the campaign Terrance Higgins Trust will be offering support as well as advice and information in relation to prevention and testing.

“We know that gay and bisexual men in Brighton and Hove who mix sex, drugs and alcohol may be worried about their sexual choices and risks, but mainstream addiction services may not be right for them. That’s why we’re launching this brand new local campaign to provide tailored support, advice and information. (Tom Boyt, Senior Community Engagement Officer at Terrence Higgins Trust in Brighton.)

The local campaign is provided alongside exiting services offered by THT such as their national Friday/Monday service that offers online advice and support as well one-to-one counselling. The campaign will also promote THT’s local services such as the Fresh Start Programme of support.

“We’re also offering one-to-one support with our Fresh Start Programme, which provides a safe and non-judgemental environment so men can make the first steps into regaining control by exploring triggers and consequences of their drug or alcohol use.”

As part of the campaign Terrance Higgins Trust is working alongside local LGBT bars and clubs, GP surgeries and dating apps to signpost those seeking advice and support.

Terrance Higgins Trust in Brighton is located at 61 Ship Street, BN1 1AE.

For more information…

If you would like to find out more about the campaign or would like to discover more about the services and support Terrance Higgins Trust offers locally within the Brighton & Hove community, or to make an appointment please call 01273 764200. Alternatively you can email the local office at:

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