Participation & Peer Support

Being involved has made me more able to speak out and stand up for myself. There are times when it has made me incredibly proud.

Accessing support is an important step in looking after your own mental health and helping you to feel better able to manage your recovery. We all want to feel valued and fulfilled and our involving you participation services and opportunities are aimed at helping you to feel just that.

Our Involving You Participation Services are about helping you to have a voice, to feel supported and to enable you to feel confident, empowered and able to contribute in a variety of different situations with other people and to tell us about what you think about our services, how we can improve and what changes you would like to see.

Our Services in Brighton and Hove

Our Participation Services are based at our offices at New England Street and Horsham. We can provide support to anyone living in Brighton & Hove.

We believe everyone has something to say

We want to hear and learn from the voice of those with lived mental health experience and to achieve this we will:

  • Provide friendly informal opportunities for people who understand what it is like to access mental health services to meet and reflect on their experiences.
  • Provide support for you to articulate your opinion either verbally or visually.
  • Understand that often people may have been cut off from social opportunities and find being in a group challenging so we are accommodating of everyone’s differing needs and will make sure that no one is questioned in an exploitative way about their experience.

How can I get involved

Our Involving You Participation services recognise the need to challenge mental health stigma and along with our service users we:

  • Meet with mental health commissioners to feedback on current mental health services and to help to develop new services.
  • Comment and provide feedback on mental health strategy and policy locally.
  • Run focus groups to provide opportunities for local communities to reflect, evaluate and comment on mental health service provision.
  • Provide online resources opportunities via: On Line community forum, blog, surveys, use facebook and twitter to canvas views and opinions from citizens in Brighton & Hove and West Sussex about their experiences of using local mental health services.
  • Use the valuable experience of service users and volunteers to support what we do.
  • Provide feedback to our Board of Trustees about how Mind works through our Lived Experience Advisory Council (Service User Council).