Mental Health Rapid Response Service

The Mental Health Rapid Response Service [MHRRS] is a rapid assessment service for patients suffering from mental health problems who are at risk and may not be able to keep themselves safe, or are considering attending A+E for help with their mental health. MHRRS is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and health professionals, carers or patients can ring for advice. The service assesses patients, and refers them on for further support from other mental health teams where necessary. From 9am-5pm Monday to Friday patients who are already under the care of the Assessment and Treatment Service should ring their care coordinator if they need urgent support.  GP services can also assess people with mental health difficulties, and can refer for further support where it is needed.

Opening hours:

24 Hours

Telephone number: 0300 304 0078



Crisis and Help Outside 9am-5pm, NHS Mental Health Services
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