OASIS Project

Brighton Oasis Project offers a women only outreach service that offers advice and support through various services.

They run the Young Oasis Centre, for families, children and young people affected by alcohol or drug problems in their family. The centre offers a crèche, individual therapy, specialist support groups and art groups. Their therapy service for children affected by a family member’s substance misuse may offer up to 16 sessions of individual therapy free of charge for those who meet criteria.

Young Oasis has a Young Women’s Therapy service for women aged between 18-25 years old who have experienced disadvantage in their early life.

Oasis also runs the Sex Workers’ Outreach Project, which describes itself as a discreet, confidential and non-judgemental service for women working in the sex industry, offering advice, information and support, including 6 sessions of 1 on 1 support for women who are in need of support around multiple issues.


How to get referred

They have an open referral policy, so anyone can refer a child to them for individual therapy.

Telephone number: 01273 696970


Email address:


11 Richmond Place


Substance Use Issues, Talking Therapies / Counselling, Women Only, Younger People
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