The Wise Project

YMCA WiSE works across Brighton and Hove, Surrey and East Sussex to support children and young people to stay safe in their relationships.

The children and young people we work with are in lots of different situations and relationships.  Things like being pressured into doing sexual things you don’t want to do, not being or feeling safe online, running away from home/care, sexting, abusive relationships, grooming and sexual exploitation.

The WISE Project is a service for 13-25 year olds who are experiencing sexual exploitation or are at risk of experiencing it. The project is also a point of call for advice and guidance for those working with young people who have suffered form sexual exploitation.

WiSE helps people understand exactly what sexual exploitation is, whether that’s young people themselves or professionals. By running workshops they aim to develop professionals’ knowledge around the topic.

They also work directly with clients to support them through the difficulties of their experience, offering group work and one-to-one support. The first step is often to help young people come to the realisation that they may be being sexually exploited – something which can be hard to accept.

Following on from this, WiSE helps them to understand boundaries and positive healthy relationships, working with them to improve their self-esteem.

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