imagesCARMJQXZGetting out in the garden or on the allotment, a walk on the Downs or a run round your local park… these are all activities that can bring positive mental health benefits and are what ecotherapy is all about. So taking that run out of the gym and into the park can do far more than get you fit – it can boost your mood and self-esteem too. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost a penny and you can do it alone, with friends and family, or even as part of an organised group. So you could enjoy nature’s benefits by cycling, walking a friend’s dog, a picnic with the family, a run along the seafront or creating a vegetable patch in the back garden. Or you can join a local programme or organised group – here are some ideas to get you started…

There are various outdoor projects at Stanmer Park including gardening, meditation and art.

Guided Health Walks in Brighton & Hove from those at an easy pace to longer more challenging ones.

Volunteer at the BUCFP’s allotment project.

Join a course at The Grow Project – they offer a wide range of activities to suit mood, energy and interest eg nature walks, conservation tasks, gardening, creative sessions, woodworking. “There have been more benefits than I could possibly have imagined, including an amazing feeling of wellbeing”.

Join a Green Gym

Take a look at Brighton & Hove Food Partnership for details of various free and low cost courses from ‘Out and About in the Orchard’ to ‘An Introduction to Ecotherapy’. Visit one of the many parks and green spaces in Brighton & Hove.

Finally for further information on Ecotherapy and its benefits, see the national Mind website.

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