Looking After Your Physical Wellbeing

Looking after ourselves physically can have immense benefits to our bodies, making us more healthy. As well as the physical benefits of exercise and healthy eating, improving our physical health can also have may positive effects upon our mental wellbeing. On this page we hope to inspire you to find ways to enjoy improving your physical health locally.

Below are listed some services, activities and organisations that offer support, advice and projects that aim to help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. All the services are local to the Brighton & Hove area.

Brighton & Hove council Health Trainers service

Often it’s not a lack of determination that prevents us from attempting to change our physical health but a lack of information regarding how to do so. Luckily the Health Trainers service is available, offering free one-to-one support, encouragement and advice.

Health trainers can support you in:

  • exploring the benefits of making a change
  • finding out what the guidelines are around physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol and smoking
  • deciding the lifestyle changes that are most important to you
  • learning how to set goals you are more likely to achieve
  • understanding what gets in the way of making changes and create ways of coping with difficult situations
  • building motivation and confidence to help you keep going
  • finding additional support and local activities to participate in

To qualify for the support provided by the service you must be over the age of 18 and be committed to making a change to your physical health. After an initial chat you will be eligible for six face-to-face meetings.

To find out more about Health Trainers please use the link to download their leaflet.

Health Trainers Leaflet

NHS Health Checks

There is evidence to suggest that people experiencing mental health issues often neglect or don’t ask for help about their physical health. Also, when feeling fine we may be less inclined to spend time focusing upon our physical health and therefore be unaware of potential health risks. The NHS are offering health checks in order to assess the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The checks are for those aged between 40 – 74. The health check is carried out by your GP and will look at your blood pressure, body mass index, risk of heart disease, diabetes risk and cholesterol. It will take about 30 minutes and will result in your surgery being able to offer you personalised healthy lifestyle advice and sign-posting to useful local services.

For more information about NHS health checks; who is entitled to them and how to book an appointment, please visit the Brighton and Hove council website.

Additionally ou can also visit the NHS Choices website for more info on health checks as well as links to interactive quizzes to help you pinpoint areas of your physical health and lifestyle that you may want support with.

Brighton & Hove Food Partnership

The Brighton & Hove Food Partnership is a not-for-profit organisation that offers a wide range of community projects and information around food. Some of the projects the partnership offers include: cookery courses, advice on how to reduce household food waste, healthy eating workshops, weight management programmes, advice on food poverty and support and information for those that wish to grow their own food. To get in touch to find out about one of their projects, please visit their contact page.

Active for Life

Active for Life is a project run by Brighton & Hove City Council to support people in the city to lead active lifestyles. From a small-scale pilot in Hollingdean in 2005 Active For Life has grown into a city-wide initiative which reaches out to thousands of Brighton & Hove residents every year, supporting them to become more active, more often. For this years Active for Life Spring/Summer programme please use the button below.

Spring/Summer Programme 2017

The council also offers an activity finder to help you find the right physical activity session locally to help you enjoy an active lifestyle.

Activity Finder

Albion in the Community

Albion in the community is the official charity of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club . They work locally to inspire young and old to be physically active and healthy. They offer a range of projects to support adults with their physical health, through activities and dietary information. Projects are offered in partnership with other organisations such as the council and the Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

For a list of the projects available and contact details in order to find out more information please use the link below.

Albion in the community projects

Want to find out more…?

If you would like to discover more about how you can be active as well as the benefits doing so can have upon your mental health, you may be interested in reading our 5 Ways to Wellbeing article on Being Active. It provides useful information on the mental benefits of staying physically active and provides further examples of how you can get active locally.

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